Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Special coin #1: Side walls

Sometimes one of your coins will transform into a WALL COIN! This blue coin will cause walls to rise up on the sides and block coins from falling into the gutter. The walls will appear when the wall coin falls off the bottom of your field. The walls will stay up for only a few seconds, however, so don't use the wall coin if you don't have any coins left to put in the machine! You'll just waste the walls while waiting to regenerate another coin. Here's how you should maximize your wall coin:

1. When your wall coin is about to fall off the end, wait for a few minutes to regenerate some coins.
2. When you have at least 10 coins (the more the better), make the wall coin fall off.
3. Play all of your coins as fast as you can!

Welcome to the world's very first COIN DOZER FAN PAGE!!!

We are totally addicted to this game. It's just like the one with quarters we used to see at Chuck E Cheese's. But for some reason, even though we can't win any prizes in real life, we love playing this game and love winning more coins and prizes!

This site is for people to share tips and hints for Coin Dozer! Just post in the comments and we'll post the featured tips (with the name of the poster) in blog posts!

Have fun and play on!!